We sang at this famous prestigious two-evening event for the very first time on Saturday, 3 December, having been originally invited a couple of years back when the pandemic started. Our first performance of the evening was in the fabulous Yarn Market, followed later by an hour in St George’s Church – when the audience didn’t want us to leave!!

The following is a little story compiled by a young Polish teacher (Katarzyna, now living in Minehead) and posted on Facebook after seeing us in the Yarn Market. She said she doesn’t speak a lot of English so this was originally scripted in Polish and this is the literal translation. Some of us might be old (?!) but we apparently can still sing quite well :

“When Kamil told me yesterday that we were going for a walk at 4pm, I knew he was up to something. I know him well enough to just know when he is planning a surprise!

Shortly after 4pm we left the house and got into … of the bus. Hmmm…what’s going on? It turned out we were heading to a nearby town for a Dunster By Candlelight. This event takes place every year on the first Friday and Saturday of December and presents the tradition of a wonderfully preserved medieval village. She then turns her back to the present and lights the streets with lanterns and, as far as possible, residents – candles in their homes. The whole place is buzzing with music and entertainment. Parking lots are out of use and buses are running non-stop and taking people from many English towns.

We were quietly touring the town, fitting here and there and at one point we stumbled upon a singing choir. Writing this again brings tears to my eyes. This just blew me away. A group of old gentlemen, many of whom were over 60, 70 years old. I think even 80 plus, with a smile on their lips sang popular hits and Christmas songs. I realize that there are many choirs in which pensioners sing. Not once, not twice, I’ve heard such bands in Poland, on the occasion of city days or other celebrations. However, they usually feature folk, church, or patriotic songs. Of course, this is also much needed.

Yesterday I met The Rivertones Chorus, who presents music in the barbershop harmony style. That is a four-voice a capella singing. The characteristic feature of such harmony is the use of m. in i.e. ‘snakes’ and ‘swipes’. This is what happens when the chord is changed by a change of one or more non-melodic voices. Gentlemen in many places sang such harmonious marches that my jaw just dropped. Seriously saw how amazing old age can be. Old age? What a word it is! . . . Let’s change them to something nicer!

At one point, smiling, older gentlemen created such changes in the melody with their voices, going several times from consonances to dissonances, planned, for example, septyms in sound (musicians will know what’s going on), playing harmony several times and dissolving it beautifully, that my soul could no longer contain emotions. Tears flowed down my eyes like peas. It couldn’t be stopped

Seriously such moments when you feel that you are experiencing something extraordinary are worth describing and sharing. But not only because of tears, of course.

In college I had a conducting exam, conducted workshops, or children’s ensembles and I know how difficult it is to get a uniform, beautiful sound. I admit, I did not know that it was possible to hear, listen to each other, sing and enjoy music after the 70s. Who knows! Maybe in 10-20 years I will start a choir like this

I cried for the second time before going to bed. Grateful that I was able to witness and have a chance to change my perspective.


In the comment I put 2 videos from yb and a video from a year ago from the band’s fanpage. Unfortunately you can’t see much on my recordings yesterday, because of the disappearance of the light surrounding the concert.

Take a day and listen to people who will change your perspective and show you how beautifully you can express yourself through sounds and singing together. Possessing and developing an artistic passion is possible at any age. These gentlemen are a perfect example of this …


Well, how about that??!!! . . . she accompanied this message with our To Make You Feel My Love video from our website and also the one of us at Convention in 2019.

There were a few comments from Polish friends including:

How beautiful is this … Smells like Christmas and so peaceful Such good peace Thank you for sharing such things, greetings

She replied:

Thanks for these words! Hell yeah! The gentlemen take wonderful care of the audience through their singing, smile and commitment to the performance

We sent the young lady a message that said:

Katarzyna, we are so very pleased you enjoyed listening to us at Dunster and thank you for such lovely words. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, our first time at this unusual event, such a lovely village setting too. As you say, we are no longer young men, that’s for sure!! … it just shows that music is a great tonic for everyone. If you ever get the chance to come along to one of our rehearsals on a Thursday evening in Taunton, you would be most welcome. The address is on our website, just contact us via the website and let us know. Thank you once again.

She has since replied:

It would be a great honour. I will stay in touch I’m very pleased that I had a chance to hear you!